REPAS: The Workshop

REPAS (REliable and Privacy-Aware Software systems) is a project aiming at developing logics and formal tools -- based on behavioural metrics -- for reasoning about privacy and security.

Metrics and privacy are at the heart of the joint session of MFPS and CALCO, that will be held on Wednesday 14th of June.

The day before -- Tuesday 13th -- there will be an open meeting of the project REPAS, featuring talks by both project members and other researchers interested in these topics.


  • Open project meeting - June 13th

  • 9:00 Catuscia Palamidessi: Opening.
    9:20 Francesco Gavazzo: An Abstract Account to Applicative Bisimulation Metrics.
    10:00 Coffe Break.
    10:30 Prakash Panangaden: Bicategories of Markov Processes. 
    11:10 Barbara König: Behavioural Metrics via Functor Lifting - A Coalgebraic Approach.
    11:50 Daniela Petrisan: Is the Kantorovitch lifting canonical?
    12:30 Lunch.
    14:20 Raphaëlle Crubillé: Toward Higher-order Cryptography.
    15:00 Coffe break.
    15:30 Bart Jacobs: Disintegration.
    16:10 Giorgio Bacci: On the Metric-based Approximate Minimization of Markov Chains.
    16:50 Buisiness meeting.
  • Joint MPFS & CALCO Special Session - June 14th

  • 9:00 James Worrell: The Expressiveness of Metric Temporal Logic.
    10:00 Coffe Break.
    10:30 Vincent Danos: Consensus.
    11:10 Catuscia Palamidessi: Verification of Differential Privacy in Concurrent Systems.
    11:50 Marco Gaboardi: A semantic account of metric preservation in presence of probabilities.