Virtual Conference, September-October 2020

Accepted papers

Jiri Adamek. Aproximate coalgebra homomorphisms and approximate solutions

Nick Bezhanishvili, Sebastian Enqvist and Jim de Groot. Duality for Instantial Neighbourhood Logic via Coalgebra

Gerco van Heerdt, Matteo Sammartino and Alexandra Silva. Learning Automata with Side-Effects

Bart Jacobs and Sam Staton. De Finetti’s Construction as a Categorical Limit

Yuichi Komorida. Injective Objects and Fibered Codensity Liftings

Barbara König, Christina Mika-Michalski and Lutz Schröder. Explaining Non-Bisimilarity in a Coalgebraic Approach: Games and Distinguishing Formulas

H. Peter Gumm. Free-algebra functors from a coalgebraic perspective

Stelios Tsampas, Andreas Nuyts, Dominique Devriese and Frank Piessens. A categorical approach to secure compilation.

Vladimir Zamdzhiev. Semantics for first-order affine inductive datatypes via slice categories

Short Contributions

Alexandre Goy. Alternating Automata via Weak Distributive Laws

Louis Parlant. Preservation of Algebraic Features by Monoidal Monads

Tetsuya Sato and Shin-ya Katsumata. Divergences on Monads and Relational Liftings

Uwe Wolter. Partitions, Quotient Systems and Coalgebras