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CALCO 2023 Accepted Papers

The proceedings of both CALCO 2023 and MFPS XXXIX are published!

The list of accepted CALCO papers:

  • Ruben Turkenburg, Harsh Beohar, Clemens Kupke and Jurriaan Rot. Forward and Backward Steps in a Fibration

  • Harald König, Uwe Wolter and Tim Kräuter. Structural Operational Semantics for Heterogeneously Typed Coalgebras

  • Nathan Liittschwager, Stelios Tsampas, Jonathan Castello and Lindsey Kuper. CRDTs, Coalgebraically

  • Andrzej Tarlecki. Interpolation is (not always) easy to spoil

  • Aleksandar Milosavljevic, Robin Piedeleu and Fabio Zanasi. String Diagram Rewriting Modulo Commutative (Co)monoid Structure

  • Sergey Goncharov, Stefan Milius, Lutz Schröder, Stelios Tsampas and Henning Urbat. Higher-Order Mathematical Operational Semantics

  • Matěj Dostál, Jiří Adámek and Jiří Velebil. Strongly Finitary Monads For Varieties of Quantitative Algebras (Extended Abstract)

  • Stefan Zetzsche, Alexandra Silva and Matteo Sammartino. Generators and Bases for Monadic Closures

  • Jurriaan Rot and Thorsten Wißmann. Bisimilar States in Uncertain Structures

  • Fosco Loregian, Guido Boccali, Andrea Laretto and Stefano Luneia. Completeness for categories of generalized automata

  • Harrison Grodin and Robert Harper. Amortized Analysis via Coinduction

  • Dario Stein and Richard Samuelson. A Category for unifying Gaussian Probability and Nondeterminism. CALCO Best Presentation Award

  • Todd Schmid, Victoria Noquez and Lawrence Moss. Fractals from Regular Behaviours. CALCO Best Paper Award

  • Paige North and Maximilien Péroux. Coinductive control of inductive data types

  • Jiri Adamek, Stefan Milius and Larry Moss. On Kripke, Vietoris and Hausdorff Polynomial Functors

  • Tobias Fritz, Fabio Gadducci, Paolo Perrone and Davide Trotta. Weakly affine monads

  • Alexander Kurz and Wolfgang Poiger. Many-Valued Coalgebraic Logic: From Boolean Algebras to Primal Varieties

  • Henning Basold and Tanjona Ralaivaosaona. Composition and Recursion for Causal Structures

  • Jérémy Dubut. Aczel-Mendler Bisimulations in a Regular Category. CALCO Best Paper Award