Social Programme

Lunches and coffee breaks will be provided at the conference venue.

Monday, 2 September: CALCO Early Ideas Dinner

On Monday at 19:00, the participants of CALCO Early Ideas are invited to BrowArmia, a local restaurant and microbrewery, for a dinner. One pint included.

The restaurant is just opposite the University (see map below).

Tuesday, 3 September: CALCO Welcome Reception

On Tuesday at 18:00, all participants of CALCO are invited for a reception to the Billiard Room, on the first floor of Tyszkiewicz Palace. The palace is located on the university campus (see map below). The main entrance (from the street) may be closed at that time, and the back entrance (from inside the campus) is not very easy to find on your own; try to stay with the crowd, or ask for Tyszkiewicz Palace.

Thursday, 5 September: Guided Walk

On Thursday, starting around 16:00, our guides will show you around parts of historic Warsaw, home to not only Chopin and Marie Curie but also Sierpiński, Tarski, Eilenberg and others. The walk will start in front of the conference venue.

Thursday, 5 September: CALCO Dinner

On Thursday at 19:00, you are invited to the CALCO Dinner at the restaurant Kuźnia Smaku (address: Mazowiecka 10). The restaurant is approximately 500m away from the university campus. Our tourist guides (see above) will take you there, but if you prefer to come on your own, see the map:

1 - Conference venue
2 - Tyszkiewicz Palace (Tuesday)
3 - BrowArmia (Monday)
4 - Kuźnia Smaku (Thursday)