Accepted papers

CALCO papers

  • Pierre Lescanne. A simple case of rationality of escalation
  • Luca Aceto, Eugen-Ioan Goriac, Anna Ingolfsdottir, Mohammadreza Mousavi and Michel Reniers. Exploiting Algebraic Laws to Improve Mechanized Axiomatization
  • Andrei Popescu, Johannes Hölzl and Tobias Nipkow. Noninterfering Schedulers---When Possibilistic Noninterference Implies Probabilistic Noninterference
  • Filippo Bonchi and Fabio Zanasi. Saturated Semantics for Coalgebraic Logic Programming
  • Sebastian Enqvist. Homomorphisms of coalgebras from predicate liftings
  • Marta Bilkova and Matej Dostal. Many-valued Relation Lifting and Moss' Coalgebraic Logic
  • Tom Hirschowitz. Full abstraction for fair testing in CCS
  • Daniel Marsden. Coalgebras with Symmetries and Modelling Quantum Systems
  • Robert Furber and Bart Jacobs. From Kleisli Categories to Commutative C*-algebras: Probabilistic Gelfand Duality
  • Alexandra Silva and Bram Westerbaan. A Coalgebraic View of epsilon-Transitions
  • Ionut Tutu and Jose Luiz Fiadeiro. A Logic-Programming Semantics of Services
  • Sergey Goncharov. Trace Semantics via Generic Observations
  • Pawel Sobocinski. Nets, relations and linking diagrams
  • Marcello Bonsangue, Helle Hvid Hansen, Alexander Kurz and Jurriaan Rot. Presenting Distributive Laws
  • Vincenzo Ciancia. Interaction and observation: categorical semantics of reactive systems trough dialgebras
  • Adriana Balan, Alexander Kurz and Jiri Velebil. Positive Fragments of Coalgebraic Logics
  • Yoshihiro Maruyama. From Operational Duality to Coalgebraic Quantum Symmetry
  • Lutz Schröder and Daniel Gorin. Simulations and Bisimulations For Coalgebraic Modal Logics

CALCO Tools papers

  • Mihai Codescu, Till Mossakowski and Christian Maeder. Checking Conservativity With HETS
  • Muhammad Fadlisyah and Peter Csaba Ölveczky. The HI-Maude Tool
  • Daniel Gaina, Min Zhang, Yuki Chiba and Yasuhito Arimoto. Constructor-based Inductive Theorem Prover
  • Daniela Lepri, Erika Ábrahám and Peter Csaba Ölveczky. A Timed CTL Model Checker for Real-Time Maude
  • Renato Neves, Alexandre Madeira, Manuel A. Martins and
    Luis S.~Barbosa.
    Hybridisation at Work
  • Pawel Sobocinski and Owen Stephens. Putting Compositionality to Work For Petri Net Reachability
  • Joost Winter. A Suite of Streams

CALCO Early Ideas presentations

  • Henning Basold, Marcello Bonsangue and Jan Rutten. Algebraic Characterisations of Signal Flow Graphs
  • Jurriaan Rot and Joost Winter. On language equations and grammar coalgebras for context-free languages
  • Tomasz Brengos. Weak bisimulation for coalgebras over ordered monads
  • Joanna Ochremiak. Nominal sets for symmetries with function symbols
  • Tetsuya Sato. Simulations for Discrete Probabilistic Systems via Preorder TT-liftings
  • Keith Ó Dúlaigh, Rosemary Monahan and James Power. Some Early Ideas on Institutions for Software Metrics
  • Baltasar Trancón Y Widemann and Markus Lepper. Towards (Co)Algebraic Semantics for the Object-Oriented Rewriter Pattern
  • Kenta Cho. Coalgebraic Fixed Point Logics in a Fibration
  • Irina Mariuca Asavoae, Mihail Asavoae and Adrian Riesco. Towards a Formal Semantics-Based Technique for Inter-Procedural Slicing